//Supernatural Purgatory

Supernatural Purgatory

Sam and Dean get trapped on Purgatory again when they try to save Castiel who has been dragged into Purgatory by Leviathans. Now they have to kill many monsters to get escape from Purgatory. There are Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Djinn, Wendigo, Zombie, Lamia, Ghoul, etc. You must help Sam and Dean to find Castiel and save him from Purgatory before it is too late.

Supernatural Purgatory is horror action game with hack and slash gameplay. There are three characters inside Supernatural Purgatory game, Dean, Sam and Castiel. Castiel will be hidden character, you will get Castiel character when you pass the hidden level. You will get hidden level, when you pass some secret map inside normal level.

Game Features:
– You can play as Dean, Sam or Castiel (hidden characters).
– There are 36 normal levels with different maps and 1 hidden level.
– There are 4 worlds you can explore in this game .
– Amazing and stunning graphics.
– You can buy and upgrade weapons for magics and bombs.
– The obstacles will become more difficult for each levels.
– There are two bosses that you can defeat.
– Fixed Ads Filtering for Children

Enjoy the game guys… i made this game special for you all, Supernatural Fans, The Hunters.

If you have any critics and suggestions, you can contact me at cherryromandiaz@gmail.com

Thank you

You can download this game from Google Playstore here