//Astro Gravity – Puzzle Game

Astro Gravity – Puzzle Game

Astro Gravity is a space-themed puzzle and adventure game with physics and gravity. Three astronauts trapped in space between planets, avoiding aliens and monsters, You can using alien bombs to jump far, using black holes to move quickly to other side, trying to find a way out of an alien base, getting treasure from aliens, flying and dancing with gravity . You will get it all in this Astro Gravity game.

How to Play Astro Gravity:
-Tap on any astronauts, they will move, tap once the astronauts will go upstairs, double-tap astronauts going down. Astronauts can also roll on the roof of a spaceship or an alien base. Your main mission is to escape from the alien base and get the alien treasure of gold coins. Three stars in the end of level means perfect mission.

Game Features of Astro Gravity:
-Great game graphics
-Achievement for every successful mission
-There are 20 levels with an increasingly difficult and challenging puzzle to play.
-Physics, Space and Gravity become one in this Fun Astro Gravity game.

You can download this game from Google Playstore here


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