//Animal Mutant Attack

Animal Mutant Attack

Animal Mutant has ruled Indonesia, because of biological weapons attack named Virus C01212UPT from terrorists who want the fallen of the Indonesia Country. C01212UPT virus is changing all the bad guys into a Animal Mutant in accordance with the nature of evil. Rat Man, Snake Man, Pig Man and the Werewolf has planning to destroy Indonesia. But their plan was foiled by the Indonesia Super Hero, Captain Indonesia and Putri Dini.

Captain Indonesia is an Information Technology expert who hate crimes in Indonesia, he intends to crack down on crime in Indonesia. One day he got the strength from Garuda Pancasila to turn into Captain Indonesia. His powers are Pancasila Shield, Gold Wings of Garuda, and the Justice Gun.

Putr Dini is a high school student who unknowingly was the reincarnation of the ancient hero Srikandi The Archer. She could feel the evil, and she will turn into Srikandi everytime The Crimes show up. Her powers are the Ardadedhali Archery and Sembrani Horse

In this Animal Mutant Attack game you will help our superheroes to destroy the Animal Mutant that attack Indonesia.

There are four levels in this Animal Mutant Attack game. With the background of major cities in Indonesia and landmarks in Indonesia. For Example MPR / DPR building in Jakarta, Surabaya Monument, Satay Building Bandung and Pura Besakih Bali.

Press JUMP button to jump and FIRE to shoot the enemies that incoming. We also need to collect gold coins as many as possible to enter the next level.

Destroy animal mutants and save Indonesia!!!