It is rare when you see NFT projects that impeccable polish.  When you load the site and immediately understand that the goal of the NFT project is larger than just being a PFP.  Sometimes they rocket (RTFKT Clone X), Sometimes they flow with the tide (0n1 Force), and other times they… do what Mekaverse did.

Azuki appears to have incredible polish. Every aspect of the art, animation and the website feel cohesively designed.  These projects get us incredibly excited about the potential. When you look at their incredibly detailed mintinfo page you start to understand how their passion for NFTs translated into one of the most anticipated launches in a while.

7 Principles of NFT Design

They are somewhat subverting common NFT tropes renaming Whitelists to mintlist (great idea), changing roadmap to mind map and more.  Their Mindmap consists of 7 stages.

  1. Visuals & Values: To paraphrase, it is all about community and creating dope shit.
  2. Community: We have said time and time again community isnt a roadmap list.  They dive into more detail about how they will grow their community through empowerment, education, and mobilization.
  3. Metaverse: They will attempt to embrace the metaverse by exploring Azuki 3d, a game, and digital drops.
  4. Physical World: Streetwear (probably going to be awesome), IRL Events, Collectibles, and a Record Label
  5.  A bridge Between: Micro-actions and games played within the community in order to unlock new experiences.
  6. Seedlings: Partnerships, $BEAN Token, and a DAO
  7. Any Ideas the Community has: “Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas.” – H.G. Wells
    What ideas do you have? Let’s write history together.

We are guided by a simple yet profound vision – create the largest decentralized brand for the metaverse that is built and owned by the community.