//Nasi Padang – Simulation Game

Nasi Padang – Simulation Game

Nasi Padang … Nasi Padang … Who likes Nasi Padang ???

Now you can learn how it feels like selling Nasi Padang.

You have to sell Nasi Padang as much as possible, and collect the money !!!

Main feature:
-Great graphics
-You can sell Nasi Padang easily, just tap on the screen on the ingredients
-You can train motor skills, because you have to serve Nasi Padang to buyers as much as possible quickly because there is a time limit
-There are 12 challenging levels and more difficult to complete.
-There are 12 Variations of Nasi Padang Menu that you can try one by one

How to play:
-Look for the customer’s order. You can see it from buyer’s mind balloon.
-Find the recipe in the recipe book on the table near the phone.
-Pick the correct ingredients on the Iron Tray.
-Tap the plate to server Nasi Padang to buyers.
-Tap on the phone if the ingredients of Nasi Padang run out

Have a nice play!!! and be a successful Nasi Padang seller 🙂

If there is any question and criticism, please email me at cherryromandiaz@gmail.com