//Supernatural Adventure

Supernatural Adventure

Castiel try to find The Winchesters but he get trapped in Purgatory. Lucifer has kidnapped Dean and Sam and trapped them in Purgatory and Inferno (Hell). Lucifer also kidnapped Jack and Charlie. Now Castiel try to release them all.

Let’s help Castiel to release The Hunters, to explore adventure and journey, and to find out the mystery of destroyed hunter bunker in this Supernatural Adventure RPG game.

– Explore every maze, kill all the enemies, and avoid every danger!
– Save and play the other hunters, help Castiel to finish every maze!
– Collect many treasures you can find in a maze.

Supernatural Adventure RPG game features!!!

– 60+ explorable level in every maze (and more)
– 5 playable hunters.
– Various enemies & obstacles in every maze.
– Collect gold coin, ruby, treasure chest, and more.
– Get spectacular reward every day.
– Get spectacular reward when finish each maze.
– Customizable control.

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