//Supernatural Apocalypse

Supernatural Apocalypse

Supernatural Apocalypse is action strategy game to kill monsters, ghosts and demons.

You will become Sam Winchester in this game to do the mission to save the world. But you can asking for help from Dean, Castiel and Bobby.

Supernatural Apocalypse Features:
-ACHIEVEMENTS, you have to complete four tasks to gain new rank and become stronger.
-HIRE HUNTERS, you can hire hunters to help you, you can choose between DEAN, CASTIEL and BOBBY.
-UPGRADE WEAPONS, There are 9 weapon types you can choose to eliminate monsters, ghosts and demons, also you can upgrade the weapons to make the weapons stronger with high damage.
-EQUIPMENT SUPPORT, You can buy medicine kits, coin bonuses, ammunitions and adrenalines.
-MANY LEVELS, There are more than 200 levels you can complete.
-MANY MONSTER TYPES, There are Demons, Vampires, Sirens, Wraiths, Wendigos, Werewolves, Lamias, Djinns, Witches, White Lady Ghosts, and Ghouls

Enjoy the game guys, i made this game for Supernatural Fandom and Family.

Thank you.