//Supernatural Beat The Evil

Supernatural Beat The Evil

Dean makes a deal with Michael where he will become Michael’s vessel to fight Lucifer but Dean will remain in control. Powered by Michael, Dean fights Lucifer, ending with Dean finally killing Lucifer with the Archangel Blade. With Lucifer dead, the Winchesters and Jack celebrate only to have Michael betray his deal, take full control of Dean and depart. On the other hand, it turns out that Lucifer is still alive, and succeeded in reviving all of Dean and Sam’s enemies in the past, such as Azazel, Asmodeus, Lilith, Metatron, Crowley, Abaddon, Cain, and Meg Masters. Lucifer then manages to kill Sam and Castiel with their help. Dean was furious at Lucifer, and finally managed to take over his body again from Michael. Now Dean will take revenge on Lucifer for the death of his brother Sam and Castiel.

You will play as Dean Winchester in this game, you will fight against Dean’s enemies in the past. and you must be able to defeat Lucifer to return Sam and Castiel.

You can buy upgrades at Harvelle’s Roadhouse with the help of Jo Harvelle. You can buy The Colt, The First Blade, the Killing Knife Demon, the Ring of Horsemen, the Angel Blade to help Dean fight his enemies.

There are three battle locations you can choose, Stull Cemetery, The End World, and Apocalypse World.

I made this supernatural game for Supernatural Fans Family. I hope you guys like this game. Enjoy this supernatural game and have fun guys…