//Supernatural Bomb Mission

Supernatural Bomb Mission

Classic Bomb Game with Supernatural Fan Art Theme. This is Supernatural Fan Art Game. You will enjoy this Supernatural Bomb Mission game. You will become Supernatural characters to finish different missions and you have to destroy all enemies to complete the levels. Strategically place various bombs to put enemies in a trap or destroy many obstacles. Bomb will automatically explode after several seconds. Be careful, bombs can also destroy yourself if you in exploding range. Try to find out Power Up item in each level to improve your skill.

*****Supernatural Bomb Mission Features*****
-Cute and stunning graphics
-18 Levels with different missions, 16 normal levels and 2 hidden levels
-8 characters you can choose to do the missions. You can play as Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer, and Charlie.
-You can get special items in each levels. Such as riding Impala car, riding Hellhounds, use skateboard, get The Colt gun, get fire gun, get bazooka, get magic spiral to destroy your enemies faster, etc.

Finish the missions before time is over. Enjoy it guys..

You can download this game from Google Playstore here