//Turbo Bus Racing

Turbo Bus Racing

Turbo Bus Racing is a racing game with bus from Indonesia such as Sumber Kencono Bus, Mira Bus, Cendana Bus, Harapan Jaya Bus and Eka Bus.

We often see buses in Indonesia racing each other to get passengers. Now it is time for you to be a driver of Indonesia bus. You will compete with other Indonesian buses. Your bus enemies will try to catch up and block your way to be a winner.

Try hard to be the best and to be No.1 bus driver on the highway. Riding a bus has never been this easy and challenging! You will get a money prize for each level you have completed, that money can be used to upgrade your bus powers.


– The graphics are great and very cool guys!!!

– Easy control of the bus by touching the right and left sides of the mobile screen

-There are three great and interesting locations to explore, forest, city and desert.

-Upgrade bus powers by purchasing speed, acceleration, turbo and grip.

-There are 9 levels that will be more difficult to conquer.

-There are turbo bonus on your way to increase bus speed temporary. Use the turbo to chase your bus enemies.

– The higher your rank in the race, the money prize will get bigger.

Let’s play this turbo bus racing game and please give feedback on the development of this game, please do not forget to rate Turbo Bus Racing as your support.